When I was growing up my father was my hero. I admired his artistry as a hairstylist but even more than that I could see that he had a gift for helping people feel better about themselves. I dreamed that some day I could follow in his footsteps and ideally we could open a salon together and work side by side. In pursuit of this dream I went to hairdressing school and have worked diligently to develop my skills. In addition to working in some of the finest salons in the Philadelphia area I’ve put together hair and fashion shows and have served as the hairstylist for many high end photoshoots. And, I've developed my creativity by entering and eventually winning hairstyling competitions! Throughout this journey I’ve met wonderful people who have inspired me and I felt that I was finally ready to work with my father.


And then, I was devastated when my beloved father died. At first it seemed like my dream could never come true without him.  


As I recovered from the grief, I launched a charity event in his memory that was a big success. And now after lots of hard work I’m ready to take the leap and continue his legacy by opening the Ponoci Hair Studio.


I am determined to make my father proud and make our dream a reality. 


I am so excited. I know there will be challenges along the way but I feel like my father is watching over me and guiding me. And through his love I will achieve our dream.


Ponoci Hair Studio!

-Armand Ponoci